Epic Is In Print

At last my big book on the epics of the world is out: EPIC: FORM, CONTENT, AND HISTORY. Transaction Publishers have done a nice job with it. Virgil Nemoianu, literary scholar extraordinaire and past President of the International Comparative Literature Associations, says “it is the best study ever composed about this foundational literary genre” and Robin Fox, one of our leading evolutionary anthropologists, calls it “a tribal encyclopedia for latter-day tribesmen.” It can be found here.

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Reading down your lists of poems this morning I was inspired to write this; and it does not belong in this response to “Epic,” of which I’ve read only the introduction you sent me, but rather as a response to your cetegory “poems” as a whole. I could not find there where to comment and so came here.


I look in wonder at your plenitude,
Like Julia’s steeped in communistic lore
And (this analogy, though true is crude)
So like my own, unworldly at its core.
“The Blackness of the Grackle,” “Snobs,“ “.com”
“Encounter With New York Apologists;”
Their biased implications (ram and rom):
My finger runs forever down your lists.
“The Man Who Lives (Too) Many Times”–
My heart and hand reach out, but mind resists
The fathoming of so much stuff that rhymes.
It is the God behind creation that I seek
And I would lift the veil just once and peek.

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