Evolution and Natural Law

I sent this little book–which contains my thinking about how natural law, both moral and legal, might be revived and put to use in the chaos following modernist and postmodernist attempts to generate binding principles of human conduct–to two publishers, one conservative, one liberal. The conservative one politely turned it down, though it had come recommended by a leading conservative intellectual. The liberal one offered me a contract and sent me a small advance. The publisher, however, overruled her very liberal editors because she found ideas in the book that she could not stomach. So I figured the book probably has things to say that might be of value and interest to the public at large. Here it is, then.

By Frederick Turner

Professor, poet, lecturer, black belt, and more.

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Thank you for sharing that Fred. Pity about the book deal.

I loved ‘Shakespeare’s Twenty First Century Economics’ so I’m looking forward to reading this.

You should send a copy to Russ Roberts at EconTalk: I’d love to hear him interview you on his podcast show!


That’s a pretty impressive gift you’ve just given us, Fred. It will take a little time to settle in, no doubt, but would this be the right place to discuss the book, or would it be better to set up a space where we can have distinct discussion threads on different chapter topics?

Charles, I’d love to do it either way. But I’m very hamfisted at handling these software tools, and might get totally lost trying to set up different spaces, remembering how to open them up, getting reminders on my email, their passwords or whatever. I’ll ask one of my sons if he can help me do so if that seems the best idea, but I’d find it less confusing with one big thread–maybe the different topics would cross-fertilize–sometimes a larger context can open things up.

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