2020 Visions

The increase rate in COVID deaths has slowed.
Maine residents report a welcome change
As California smoke-cloud has moved on.
Three traffic-stops in four are now non-fatal.

Pittsburgh’s new ocean-wall has been completed.
France heaves a sigh as locust swarm turns east.
More peaceful demonstrations breaking out.
The ceasefire rages on in Palestine.

Dallas spared most Sahara dust-storm damage.
President claims round-earth beliefs a hoax.
Diversity of virtual sports-crowds faulted.
Faculty purged from nation’s college staffs.

More Boomer generation euthanized.
China declares the Uighur race a myth.
The letter “n” erased from alphabet.
Putin invades the Baltic states, again.

Google permits some fact-based advertising.
Brazilian population disappears.
Two-headed calves are born in Worcestershire.
The moon has turned to blood and starts to fall.

By Frederick Turner

Professor, poet, lecturer, black belt, and more.

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