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Welcome to the Apocalypse!

My name is Sara Megibow and I’m the literary agent representing Fred and his amazing epic science fiction poem, APOCALYPSE. Nice to meet you all!

Fred emailed me in May 2016 to present APOCALYPSE which he called, “something you’ve never seen before.” He was right! Somewhere on page 1 my jaw dropped open in awe and somewhere on page 2 I cancelled two days of meetings to stay home and read the book. It’s been an honor working with Fred on this project and we’re happy to announce APOCALYPSE is now available in ebook, hard cover and paperback.

Why am I writing to you all today? Sometimes in art we come across a work so unique, so special that we pause and admire. Other times, we pause, admire and then want to shout to the masses. For me, APOCALYPSE is a work of genius that inspires my shout-to-the-masses response.

David Brin called APOCALYPSE a, “brilliant future-epic poem.”

Kim Stanley Robinson said, “I loved the blank verse, so supple and expressive.”

Fred’s Hollywood agent said, “WOW…just WOW!”

When talking to publishers I said, “this story is about a group of misfit scientists who collude against the government to save the world from climate annihilation.”

What will you say about this book?

Please help us spread the word! Here is the direct link to APOCALYPSE via Barnes & Noble:

And here is the direct link to APOCALYPSE in ebook via amazon:

Thank you to Ilium Press and Baen Books for their amazing publications and thank you – our beloved readers – for supporting great art!

Very sincerely,
Sara Megibow
KT Literary
on twitter @SaraMegibow

By Frederick Turner

Professor, poet, lecturer, black belt, and more.

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