The New World–25th Anniversary Edition

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At last my epic poem THE NEW WORLD is in print again. Ilium Press has reprinted it in a beautiful edition, with a new foreword. The publisher is offering a free sample here. The book is available through Amazon here. It can be downloaded on Kindle now and will soon be available in physical print.

Ilium Press will also be reprinting my GENESIS: AN EPIC POEM in the next few weeks.

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  1. 1Dongqing

    Haven’t heard from you for a long time,so I am here reading your blog again today. It is good to know that your books are in print again, congratulations!!

  2. 2Troy Camplin

    Great news! I posted on this on all three of my main blogs.

  3. 3Internet John

    Good to hear. Genesis was gettin’ kinda pricey on Amazon, and I’d like to have a classroom copy.

  4. 4Bill Carpenter

    That is great news! I love that poem and recommend it every chance I get!

  5. 5Bill Carpenter

    I mean, I recommend both poems every chance I get.

  6. 6Andy Wigington

    Ahh, a bit of sane news in a world leaning toward insanity! Congratulations, Prof. Turner. I hope the new release reaches out and influences a whole new generation of admirers. I wish you would consider adapting the poems to the screen; every time I read them, I feel their cinematic qualities jumping off the page. I know they’d make popular films as all great story telling does.

  7. 7Art Mortensen

    Nice to hear, just got my copy of New World on Kindle and hope Genesis will be available for same.



  8. 8Internet John

    I reread TNW last weekend. It was as good as I remembered, but first time around I didn’t notice the sheer emotional charge that emblems, like the ginkgo leaf and the bee, carry in the poem. My own slightly “emo” reaction to the banner with the bee on it made me wonder if I’m not somehow hard-wired for totemism.

    Of course, this would probably be old news for fans of team sports.

  9. 9Stephen Berer

    Congratulations! This is one of the great epic poems in English, or any language, and deserves (and will achieve) many reprintings! From the sample, it looks like this new edition will be as beautiful or more beautiful than the first edition.
    Carry on!

  10. 10Fred

    Donqing, John, Andy, Bill, Troy, and Art, and you too, Rebbe Stephen, how lovely to hear from you all!


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