Another poem from Yichang

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The Girls of China

I see your conscience and your sheer clean hair,
Your graceful carriage, pliant as a feather,
How when a duty of the heart is there,
You press determined little lips together;

I see your stylishness, your quiet chic,
As you walk arm in arm with a girl friend;
I see the trace of color in your cheek,
When there is something that you should defend;

I see you under your light parasol,
Transparent darkness in your clear brown eyes,
I see your odd thought and your forthright soul,
Obscurely simple and naively wise.

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  1. 1Mary Freeman

    I think this is one of your best. I love the transparent darkness in the clear brown eyes and the old thought and forthright soul. What an observer you are.

  2. 2John

    Nicely done.

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