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Hello, I’m Ben, Fred’s son.  We have uploaded a bunch of my dad’s writings not only to the site here (see the Pages on the right sidebar or go to Other Published Works), but also to his account on Scribd, a site that lets you embed, socialize around, and share text documents.

And please think about donating to Fred (see to the right) — we’re putting up his work online for you to quote, cite, play with, and share…in order to contribute to the wealth of knowledge online.  This stuff is the work he didn’t get compensated for before!


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By Frederick Turner

Professor, poet, lecturer, black belt, and more.

3 replies on “More Writings Available”

This is a nice piece. It’s good to love the place where you live. My biggest complaint about Dallas is that everyone’s so busy. I’ve found people here to be ambitious, mobile, and fairly straight-laced. People are kind, but not so friendly. Socializing is done by appointment. No one has time for a Big Question, a jaunt or a casual beer.

Also, you could use some bloody crosswalks at your major intersections. Human Frogger with 8 lanes and 1 life is a bad game.

Great more will be available. Glad you’re trying to get your dad compensated for uncompensated work. I need to hire you….I have SO MUCH work I’ve been uncompensated for!! Geesh!….:-)

Very interesting observations re Dallas–it was what I was trying to get at in my “Land of the False Houses” essay.

Maybe it is where Dallas is at the stage of development of something (smaller, larger?)–it seems the kinds of conversations and experiences(“not so friendly”) lacking you speak of tend to occur when things are indeed a bit over-ripe. Be careful crossing the street please oh man of one life (John Mac)!

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