An Educational Suggestion

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The current wave of censurings, cancelings, dismissals, silencings and censorship in the academy actually has viable arguments behind it. These include the emotional safety and comfort of students and faculty, the desire for solidarity, the real menace of extremist and violent subversion, the protection of chosen identities, the dream of a harmonious human society, etc. […]

A Divestment

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I have just cancelled my Facebook account. I realize that in doing so I am giving up much that is good and distancing myself from friends who are very dear to me. But I can’t trust myself with it. I am retiring this year to become an emeritus professor, a bit like Lear when he […]

The Plague War

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I feel the pain in their incessant battle, The urge to bite, but armor shields the flesh, The trembling heart-shock of the feared rebuttal, The wanted wound that keeps the hatred fresh; I feel the murderous pity for the ones The enemy supposedly still harms, The warm companionship of well-shared guns, The pride of race […]

Nine Fallacies about Racism

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The current narrative about racism is based on a set of propositions which, upon closer examination, are both factually unfounded and logically incoherent. Let’s look at these propositions in turn. 1. Racism is a social invention. This proposition draws on the sociological assertion that human reality is socially and culturally constructed, which is a partial […]

Capitalism and Socialism: What do the Words Mean?

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Capitalism and socialism are two important words used in the world of “political economy.” As a literary scholar and poet I became interested in the field’s wild variety, its rhetorical use of language and often its surprising insights. For the last thirty years or so the field became a hobby. This essay shares some of […]