The Power of Conversation

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My old friend Charles Cameron has become involved with a very interesting conversation with an erstwhile al-Qaeda leader that has been going on in the blogosphere. Al-Masri’s reply to Charles was very interesting. Here is what I said to Charles: This is an amazing correspondence. Bravo on being part of it. For me the most […]

China Photos

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Check out my China photos on Facebook.

Goodbye to China

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The Traveler Packs His Tent of Words How quickly Yichang has become my home, How dear the places where I cooked and slept. But for us humans, all is to and from, And nothing can be saved and nothing kept. Just to sit down and eat we make a place That is the center of […]

And Another

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At the Source of the Yang Jia Shi River There’s been no moon since I came to Yichang. Mist and rain hid her white face from view. And so the ancient poets of the Tang Seemed to say: “This was not meant for you.” But now I’ve reached the place the Yang Jia Shi Bursts […]

Another poem from Yichang

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The Girls of China I see your conscience and your sheer clean hair, Your graceful carriage, pliant as a feather, How when a duty of the heart is there, You press determined little lips together; I see your stylishness, your quiet chic, As you walk arm in arm with a girl friend; I see the […]