Gold Sprayed Macaroni

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If anyone needed any more proof that the official world of the visual arts is in real trouble, the reality show Work Of Art: The Next Great Artist should settle all doubts. The young artists themselves are quite talented, but their mentors on and off the show are wrecking their native gifts and indoctrinating them […]

The Power of Conversation

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My old friend Charles Cameron has become involved with a very interesting conversation with an erstwhile al-Qaeda leader that has been going on in the blogosphere. Al-Masri’s reply to Charles was very interesting. Here is what I said to Charles: This is an amazing correspondence. Bravo on being part of it. For me the most […]

China Photos

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Check out my China photos on Facebook.

Goodbye to China

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The Traveler Packs His Tent of Words How quickly Yichang has become my home, How dear the places where I cooked and slept. But for us humans, all is to and from, And nothing can be saved and nothing kept. Just to sit down and eat we make a place That is the center of […]

And Another

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At the Source of the Yang Jia Shi River There’s been no moon since I came to Yichang. Mist and rain hid her white face from view. And so the ancient poets of the Tang Seemed to say: “This was not meant for you.” But now I’ve reached the place the Yang Jia Shi Bursts […]

Another poem from Yichang

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The Girls of China I see your conscience and your sheer clean hair, Your graceful carriage, pliant as a feather, How when a duty of the heart is there, You press determined little lips together; I see your stylishness, your quiet chic, As you walk arm in arm with a girl friend; I see the […]

The Dam and the Wall

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The Three Gorges Dam In one huge act of unremitting will, To thirty billion tons this wall says No. But Yes pours through the turbines of this mill, As strange thoughts through the Wall of long ago. (Thirty billion tons, around 30 cubic kilometers, is the amount of water impounded by the dam.)

Poems from Yichang

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China Poems, 2010 The Lone White Gull (after Du Fu) Each time I travel, it is like a death. I die into a self I do not know. My alien sinuses transform each breath Into a sign of passage: time to go. Smoggy Beijing is almost through with spring. The hotel garden droops, the flowers […]

To China

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So I’m off to China, to teach Shakespeare for a month at China Three Gorges University. Li Bai wrote: Farewell, Upon Passing Mount Jin Men Li Bai (701-762) And now at length I’ve passed beyond Jin Men On my adventure to the land of Chu. The mountains end, the flatlands open out, The Yangtze meets […]

A Book about Epic

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As some readers of this blog may know, I am writing a book about epic. I’m going to have to look for a publisher, so I’m trying to put some words together that will entice an editor and reasonably characterize its content. So any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks to John MacE for his […]