An Exciting Symposium on JFK and Dallas

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I’m going to be participating with the likes of Jim Lehrer, Richard Rodriguez, Lee Cullum, Mayor Mike Rawlings, Krys Boyd and other luminaries in a very promising day-long symposium in Dallas on November 2. It will be held in the Southside Ballroom (1135 S. Lamar, Dallas), 10am-4:30 pm. The basic focus will be on the […]

Are You Stupid?

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My brilliant friend Mihai Nadin has a new book, Are You Stupid? (, that promises some fireworks.

Epic Is In Print

At last my big book on the epics of the world is out: EPIC: FORM, CONTENT, AND HISTORY. Transaction Publishers have done a nice job with it. Virgil Nemoianu, literary scholar extraordinaire and past President of the International Comparative Literature Associations, says “it is the best study ever composed about this foundational literary genre” and […]

Poems from the Galapagos

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A Voyage to the Encantadas Frederick Turner 7/14/12 On the March Old travelers can never quite distinguish The little death of parting from the great. What am I doing, crossing half the world Again, as if I weren’t sixty-eight? I played in bombed-out houses as a boy, Remember sirens from the V-1 blitz. Those wars […]

The New Nile: Now in Arabic

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The prizewinning Egyptian poet Sayed Gouda has translated my poem “The New Nile: Homage to the Egyptian Revolution” into Arabic. It can be found on p. 29 of the current issue of Tanja, the leading Egyptian cultural journal ( or Also on Gouda’s own excellent English-language website, Here is the poem in English: […]


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Can anyone suggest a journal or magazine that might be interested in publishing a review of Julia Budenz’s great poem The Gardens of Flora Baum? Also, I’d like to review Joseph Salemi’s brilliant and scorchingly satirical new book of poetry, Steel Masks.

Time is not an independent variable

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My brilliant friend Mihai Nadin asked me a question the other day: TIME IS NOT AN INDEPENDENT VARIABLE—what does it mean? It is a new topic, and I am deeply interested in what it might mean. Here is my reply: I think it may be an elegant way of saying that time is not Newton’s […]

The Wind People

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I was typing out for a friend an old poem of mine from about 1970, in that prehistoric predigital era, and I liked it and thought I’d put it up on the blog. It was in Counter-Terra (Christopher’s Books, 1978). The Wind People Their faces are the skeins of air that we sometimes perceive to […]

Print Edition of THE NEW WORLD Now Available

Monday, 14 March 2011, 7:42 | Category : Uncategorized
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The Ilium Press says that the real physical book can now be obtained here.

The New World–25th Anniversary Edition

Sunday, 13 March 2011, 20:21 | Category : Uncategorized
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At last my epic poem THE NEW WORLD is in print again. Ilium Press has reprinted it in a beautiful edition, with a new foreword. The publisher is offering a free sample here. The book is available through Amazon here. It can be downloaded on Kindle now and will soon be available in physical print. […]