The Good and the Right

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Laws, as many philosophers have opined, seem to be based on one of two foundations: what is good, and what is right. Very roughly, the distinction can be found in the difference between our own two traditions, of Roman law, and English common law; further back, between the ancient Hebrew ritual law, and the code […]

Evolutionary Aesthetics

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  I wrote this long essay over six years ago as a response to an attack by Joseph Carroll on my pioneering work in the the field (in my book Natural Classicism, 1986, and other publications). I did not publish it at the time, as I dislike scholarly squabbles and had other fish to fry. But […]

The House of Lies: on the “social media”

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It is a cataract of souls in their own hell, Descending to a common destination, The drowning dragging down the swimmer till Both drink that last insipid cold potation. It’s a perfected drug, that learns itself from you, A feverish disease, virus designed for catching; It drags you from whatever human work you do, An […]

Old Thoughts that May Be Relevant Again

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From a draft of my book The Culture of Hope, 1995: Chapter IV. Cultural Implications of the New Cosmology 1. Guidelines to the Solution of Cultural Problems The cosmology of a culture profoundly affects what it can or cannot do. Consider how Taoism in China, for example, encouraged technological innovation while somewhat discouraging a mathematically […]

Some vaguely liberal principles I seem to have found to hold up well

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1. Human groups range from the whole human race through the nation, the city, the family and the individual (with many intermediate groupings like friendships, clubs, churches, professional organizations, corporations, international treaty organizations, etc). Larger groups often include many smaller ones. Even an individual can have subordinate sources of action, as evidenced by various sorts […]

On Gibbs’ Law

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A Bitter Poem for our Times

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I wrote this poem back in Bill Clinton’s second administration, and it seems relevant now. It’s in my collection PARADISE, David Robert Books. Go Down for the President Go down, go down, all you little men, Know how the women ignore you; The President has come to town, His sacrament is upon their tongues. Go […]

Introducing Annemarie Estor

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  (“The Lamb” by Annemarie Estor)       Ride the End The end is coming, the end is coming, snorting in the rain, with great friends and grinning fire-hooks with a gallop on hollow ground, with the snot of the aeons! With colossal fellows With spatters of goo high up on their groins with […]

Your Money or Your Life

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As a true believer in the efficacy and beneficial effects of markets, I am obliged to say what I think a market is. Is a mother giving suck to her baby a market? One could make arguments that pleasure is being traded on both sides, and that the mother, as with mothers of all species, […]

Fact and its Enemies

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It is becoming obvious: a large part of our population has been persuaded that all of our systems for establishing facts are tainted, biased, and/or mendacious. This skepticism extends not only to the findings of natural science, but to those of journalism, law, history, medicine, agriculture, and economics. This is an era of “alternative facts,” […]